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What can the CHIP Reverse Mortgage do for my financial planning clients?

The CHIP Reverse Mortgage from HomeEquity Bank offers a range of unique benefits for your financial planning clients.

  • Helps keep investment portfolios intact.
  • Offers access to capital for those without regular income.
  • Leverage home equity as a decumulation asset class.
  • Improve tax efficiency and avoid pension clawbacks.

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What is the CHIP Reverse Mortgage?

The CHIP Reverse Mortgage allows your clients aged 55+ to access up to 55% of the value of their home – without the need to move or sell.

No Regular Payments Required

With a CHIP Reverse Mortgage, there are no regular mortgage payments until the homeowner decides to move or sell.

Equity in Home

Customers can expect to have equity in their home when they decide to sell.


Proceeds from a reverse mortgage are 100% tax free.

No Requalification

Once approved, no requalification is required.

More benefits for your clients

“I need to draw tax-efficient cashflow.”

Proceeds from the CHIP Reverse Mortgage are 100% tax free. By accessing these funds, your clients are able to boost their cashflow without triggering additional taxes or OAS/CPP clawback. It also allows them to keep their investment portfolios intact.

Financial planning clients and business owners may have difficulty accessing traditional loans and lines of credit due to a lack of regular income. The CHIP Reverse Mortgage is a great alternative that’s designed specifically for Canadians 55+. It has an approval process tailored to them and doesn’t require requalification.

“I need to have pre-approved funds available.”

“I want a bank I can trust.”

That’s why we follow the Canadian Bankers Association Seniors Code, which outlines the ways that banks should effectively deliver their products and services to Canada’s older demographic. This includes, in part, educating consumers so they can make smart and sound financial decisions.

How CHIP funds can help your clients maximize their retirement

Your clients can access as much of the approved sum as they want, and can access additional proceeds whenever the need arises.

  • Funding retirement lifestyles.
  • Retaining investment portfolios.
  • Purchasing a property.
  • Home renovations.
  • Debt consolidation.
  • Travelling.
  • A reserve fund for unforeseen healthcare costs.
  • Helping children and grandchildren with the down payment on a home.

Want to learn more?

Download our short case studies to discover how the CHIP Reverse Mortgage can help your financial planning clients achieve their financial goals.

Income Augmentation

Learn how to boost your clients’ cashflow with a reverse mortgage.

Down Payment Gift

Discover the tax-efficient way for your clients to give money to loved ones.

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Find out how the CHIP Reverse Mortgage is expanding in the wealth space and becoming part of a comprehensive retirement planning strategy for Canadian homeowners 55+.

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